There was no book or website to go to to find out how to start a tree farm in Alaska. Over three decades we’ve learned and pioneered nursery practices that stand unique in the industry. We’ve trailed and erred countless species so we know the material you purchase from us will be with you for years to come, surviving our brutal thaw refreeze winters. We start with healthy stock, spending the extra to buy from Americas top growers. We grow in a rich glacial loam that give us solid root balls that package nicely for transport to you project.

Maintenance is key. We prune out crotches, and remove lower branching when the trees are young to prevent prune holes in the trunks. We keep our evergreens single leader by regular pruning and training. Our farm is sprayed for pests every spring, and our trees are fertilized by hand. We dump over a million gallons of rich glacial groundwater on our fields every summer, and strong Chinook winds help with strong leader and root development. Our farm sits at 53 ft. elevation beneath 6,400′ Pioneer peak. Descending cold air has brought our temps down into the minus 40’s making us a solid zone 3 nursery. Our products do well and we have countless references from Fairbanks to Homer. We take pride in our growing and it shows.


With so many of our customers asking us to plant their trees, we have made a decision to offer a professional installation service with a seasonal warranty. We plant thousands of trees and are confident of our products and our planting practices. We do offer a planting package if you’re doing your own planting, bagged planting medium, fertilizer, stakes and tie, and a coco disk for mulch, all of which make for a professional looking install.

Guarantees and claims 

All material, with the exception of reforestation material sold at seed n tree farms is in accordance with the American nursery and landscape association. This includes caliper, leader and rootball measurements. Material is guaranteed to be true to species. Material is grown, purchased, or harvested legally without harm to the environment.

Stressed unhealthy, or dying material will show to be just that in a very short period, that’s why bad material should be reported back to us within 48 hours. Claims not made with in this time frame will not be honored. Once it is off our truck or out of our farm, it’s in your hands.

Seed n Tree cannot and will not be held responsible for:

  • materials subject to improper handling, or installation
  • Planting into improper soils, moose or snow plow damage, desiccation, sun scald, winter kill, material subject to ice melt compounds used in winter
  • Trees not installed immediately and left poorly healed in on job sites
  • Trees subject to insects, fungi and diseases
  • severe acts of nature.

ALL trees growing here at seed n tree farms are sprayed once a season for a pests. We recommend you do the same.




Cash, at pick up time or on delivery. Terms for credit are for approved customers only. Acknowledged orders are due in full 30 days from invoice date. Unpaid invoices will be subject to service charges of 1.5% monthly or 18% annually. Delinquent invoices will be turned over for collections. 


A 25% cash deposit along with a signed acknowledgement are required for all placed orders. We also require 25% down to hold material. Once material has been harvested and set aside in heal in, there can be no cancellation, deposits will not be returned. 

Maintenance Charges

Spring orders must be picked up or delivered by June 30. After that, material stored here at our farm will be subject to a storage and watering fee of $10.00 per month for trees and $2.00 a month for shrubs. 

Days and Hours of Operation

We usually begin sales the first week of May, weather permitting. We are open for wholesale sales Monday thru Friday 8-5 and for retail sales Monday thru Saturday 9-5 .We fully observe our national holidays, and will be closed for sales. Weather usually shuts us down in mid October until the following spring. 

Pick up and Delivery Service

If you have the proper truck, or trailer, and a good solid tarp or enclosure to transport your material safely and securely , then we encourage you to come on out and haul your own material. We also offer delivery service. Rates are . 14 ft flat bed into Anchorage, $150.00 18 ft. trailer into Anchorage, $200.00 40 ft. trailer into Anchorage, $350.00 Please call for rates elsewhere. 

Military Discounts 

We are proud to offer our people in service to or country a 10 % discount off any of our nursery products.