Seed-N-Tree farms began more than 32 years ago in Anchorage, Alaska when a couple of young men were sent into a field of birch trees to rustle up a few for a local landscaper. They brought back too many. When they asked what should be done with the extras, their boss told them to call around to the local nurseries. They were offered eight dollars a tree, and Seed-N-Tree was born.

Since then, we have purchased 18 acres in Butte, Alaska. Our first trees went in the ground in 1990, and we have been expanding every since. Here at 53′ elevation in front of the north face of 6400′ Pioneer Peak, the Kink River left pockets of beautiful glacial loamy soil. These rich soils produce a fibrous root system, allowing us to dig a solid root ball.

We are blessed to have the million-acre aquifer under us, providing us with a seemingly endless supply of mineral-rich groundwater. The influence of Chinook winds that pour through our valley during storms helps our trees develop a strong central leader, stout branching, and excellent
root development.

We plant and grow native Alaskan trees as well as young trees from some of America’s finest nurseries. We’ve trialed many species and know which ones do well in our northern climate. Our farm sits in a valley with a hardiness temperature rating of zone 3, so the trees we grow are suitable for any part of the state. We only carry trees, shrubs, and perennials that are zone 4
or colder.



Our goal has always been to alleviate the landscaper from the cost of shipping material from the lower 48 states.

To use native Alaskan plants as part of our farmed trees & nursery stock, taking a local resource & turning it into cash and jobs.

To give the homeowner a place to see the success of the product they are purchasing, knowing it can handle our winters, and seeing its growth habits.

To continue to trial different species so we can offer a wider variety of solid winter hardy ornamental trees and shrubs.

Providing an alternative to buying from box store nurseries, and giving our customers a feeling when they leave that they bought something that will be a part of their landscape for many years to come.

To grow, provide, and plant winter hardy trees and shrubs that will not just survive, but thrive and grow to specimen size in our brutal northern thaw freeze climate.